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Purify your home

Air Purifiers Beacon Lighting

Every breath we take, we inhale pollutants, some visible and others invisible. Dust, vehicle emissions, bacteria, viruses, pollen and smoke from the outside find their way into our homes adding to the pollutants already present inside including cooking fumes, pet hair and dander. 

With many of us now spending more time indoors working or studying, it's important to think about the quality of air we're breathing and how we can create cleaner, healthier spaces at home. 

Learn all about air purifiers and how they remove a wide range of nasties from your home to help you breathe better and live better, at Beacon Lighting Homemaker Prospect

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Back to School Beacon Lighting

Are your kids ready to head back to school?

Check out the range of table lamps to brighten up your kids' study desks at home. Like the Jasper collection, available in matte black or white with two lamps in one pack! Great value for money and perfect for any interior. 

Shop the Jasper range now at Beacon Lighting Homemaker Prospect 

Relaxing Summer Days Beacon Lighting

Set the mood for relaxing summer days and stylish entertaining with Beacon Lighting.

Fans that not only keep you cool but also look good.

Choose from energy-efficient and remote-controlled designs and get 30% off your second fan.

$300 cash back! Bing Lee

Right now you can get up to $300 cash back on Bosch kitchen appliances!

Run, don't walk into Bing Lee at Homemaker Prospect to take advantage of this great offer.

Terms and conditions apply. 

Time-saving LG Cord Zero Bing Lee

Start the new year off right with the time-saving LG Cord Zero A9 Kompressor from Bing Lee.

You can vacuum and mop at the same time so you can get outside and enjoy the sunshine!

The Theragun Bing Lee

Have we mentioned how much we love the Theragun?

Perfect for everyone, even if you're not an athlete!

Shop instore at Bing Lee today.

Back to school with Fantastic Furniture

Create the perfect study nook Fantastic Furniture

Create the perfect study nook with the stylish and comfortable Bianca Office Chair from Fantastic Furnitre.

Now only $119, you’ll save $20!

Don’t miss out, shop the Fantastic Summer Event in-store or online today.

Fantastic Furniture home office deal 480x400

Home Office Goals Fantastic Furniture

The holidays a great time to freshen up your office space with with Fantastic Furniture.

Shop the range in store today

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Huge range of artificial plants James Lane

Shop the new homewares collection at James Lane.

Shop the extensive range of artificial plants to complete every living space look in your home.

Beautiful Baskets James Lane

Shop the range of beautiful baskets to complete any living space, at James Lane.

James Lane Cushions James Lane

Shop the all new homewares collection at James Lane.

A huge range of rugs, cushions, lamps, wall decor, artifical plats and more.

At James Lane, Homemaker Prospect.

Back to Routine Snooze

Back to school signifies back to routine and one of the most significant routines is getting a good night's sleep.

Create a comfortable and relaxing space with the right storage bed for your little one from Snooze at Homemaker Prospect.

A Mattress for Life Snooze

Buying a mattress is too big of an investment to leave up to chance and we understand in life, it’s sometimes hard to find the right one.

Combining our Snooze Profiler® technology and 45 years' of experience, let us help you find a bed that suits you in-store, at Homemaker Prospect.